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Fertile Soil

Posted by Joanne Martin
Joanne Martin
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on Wednesday, 22 August 2012
in Blogs

Aussie LandscapeThe landscape near my Australian home is breathtakingly beautiful! We live on a mountain, from which we have a lovely view of Broken Bay, named by Captain James Cook when he and the First Fleet arrived in Australia in 1789. Below us, there are some beautiful beaches. Around us, the landscape is rugged limestone, with ancient, rounded rock formations, and hardy, drought-resistant vegetation. There are even some ancient aboriginal rock carvings within a 15-minute walk of our home. Many a time have I sat, in the stillness of a sunrise, or listening to the night noises, and felt that I was in the presence of something sacred. And it nurtured my soul.

Daisies  ButterflyHow different is my Canadian home, in South-Western Ontario, where I am currently. Here I live in a farming community; and the landscape is very, very flat. But how I love to drive down country roads in the northern summer! As far as the eye can see, in various shades of green, the fields are lush, and bountiful. Even in the City, homes are surrounded by thick, green lawns and riotously colourful flower gardens. And above it all, unlike those in Australia, Canadian trees provide a soft, green canopy, and welcome shade.   This environment too, is nurturing of spirit.

But what does it take to really flourish? Some plants grow well in acidic soil; others would wither and die. Some needs lots of bright sunlight; others need the shade. Every acorn has the potential to become a mighty oak, and some will; others won’t.  

For you, what constitutes “fertile soil”?   What are the conditions you need to grow and flourish? Are you getting enough light? Perhaps you need some time in the shade?   Are your roots strong enough? Could you use more support? Are there rocks or weeds that may need to be removed? What is it you want to harvest? These are perhaps some things to think about while you’re lying on the beach, or looking into the campfire. I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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