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Joanne Martin

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  • Are You In Your Right Mind?

      What is keeping you awake at night, or is waking you up in the wee hours of the morning? Do you toss and turn as you try to think your way through the questions, problems, or decisions that are weighing on your mind? Day after day, or should I say - night after night – you are getting increasingly exhausted; but you are no closer to a solution. ...
    Feb 13 Tags: Untagged
  • Transforming Bad Habits Into Good Ones

    “Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters” ~ Nathaniel Emmons  You know that tingly feeling you get when you brush your teeth? And that nice, rich foam you get when you shampoo your hair? Well, it turns out that, for those products to work effectively, neither the tingle nor the foam is really necessary. In fact, the chemicals ...
    Oct 04 Tags: Untagged
  • How’s Your Penmanship?

    I have always felt that September was much more like “New Year’s Day” than January 1st. Going back to school, I had a pile of brand new notebooks, all of their pages blank with potential. Pencils and crayons of all colours were sharpened to a fine point. I was ready and motivated to make my mark.   Of course, I had a brand new eraser too, should ...
    Sep 04 Tags: Untagged
  • Olympic Reflections

    The Olympic Games are over now; and the athletes of the world are returning to their homes. Whether they won a medal or not, we hope they will all be treated as heroes. For, according to the Olympic Creed: “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most import thing in life is not the triumph but the ...
    Aug 22 Tags: Untagged
  • What Makes You Mad?

    All it took for me today was a headline in the morning newspaper. It read, “Low-income mothers prone to anxiety”. “Anxiety”. That is what they call it today. What I’m talking about is that dis-ease that women get when they are simply overwhelmed.   In Freud’s day it was called “hysteria”. When I was still a child, my mother had a bad case of it. ...
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Mari L. M cCarthy

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