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PRH Canada

865 Markham Drive
R. R. # 5 Tilbury
Ontario Canada
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Contact Person: Sharon Allen-Jubenville
Phone: 519-682-1796 Website: Website
Facebook: Facebook

PRH Canada offers Personality and Relationship Workshops in a wide variety of themes focusing on helping persons to know themselves better and lead happier, more satisfying lives. Workshops aim at helping persons to identify their strengths, build self-confidence, understand and improve their relationships, and learn a method for making better decisions.

PRH Workshops offer a method of self-discovery that actively involves persons in the exploration of their own personal lived experience using a journaling method. By responding in writing to guided questions persons gain insight and clarity into a specific area of their life that the workshop focuses on. Workshops vary in length from 3 to 27 hours and blend education with personal experience through the analysis of sensations and sharing in a confidential group environment.  

Facilitators are licensed by PRH - an International School of Education and Research  after completing an intensive education and faciliation training program.   

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