Therapeutic Writing Network

What We Do

Vision for the Therapeutic Writing Network:

  • To become the portal/hub/centre for expressive, reflective, and  therapeutic writing practitioners and clients
  • To offer clients and practitioners alike the broadest access possible to therapeutic writing information, methods, practitioners, professional networks, research, resources, tools, techniques, workshops, etc.
  • To allow for the exchange of information, ideas, methods, opportunities, research, resources, etc.
  • To promote and encourage therapeutic writing for personal and professional development , and for wellness, to:  counsellors, educators, health-care providers,  supervisors,  therapists, and to those who fund them.
  • To educate and inform practitioners in health, wellness and medical care, and in professional fields of all kinds, of the benefits of therapeutic writing, as a healthy, drug-free alternative in the treatment of anxiety or depression, for greater self-understanding, behavioural change and enhanced wellbeing.


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